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We're building awesome software and services that will revolutionise the digital humanities.

This means making it easier to transcribe manuscripts, clean data, and present it to the world.


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About us

Codex Felis is built by Dan (on Twitter, Bluesky and Mastodon) and Caro (on Mastodon).

Dan has a doctorate from the University of Cambridge in 18th Century History, with an MA and BA from Liverpool. He’s won fellowships to Harvard, McGill, the Vatican, and taught political theory to undergrads, but now spends his days writing C# and JavaScript.

Caro has a degree in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge, postgraduate training in Computational Linguistics from Uppsala University, speaks or reads a half-dozen languages, and has over five years experience writing Python, JavaScript, and Clojure in a variety of start-ups and SMEs.