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Do you have decades of raw data still sitting on SD cards and USB drives?

Is your internet too slow to upload to the cloud?

We offer peace of mind for your data. Mail us a USB stick, memory card, hard drive, even a DVD and we’ll ensure it’s stored securely, ready to be sent back at a moment’s notice, wherever you are in the world.

How it works

You send us your data storage device.

We take a copy of your data and back it up securely in the cloud.

When this is complete, we mail your storage device back to you and send a confirmation email.

Now you can rest, certain that your data is safe.

If the worst happens, you send us an email and we courier your data back to you as fast as required.


We have a simple, flat pricing model, based on how much data you need to back up. You pay £1 per 10GB (or part of 10GB) of storage you need to use, per calendar year. Billing begins once all your data is safely backed up, and you will recieve invoices annually.

Why annual pricing? Your data needs to be backed up over long time periods, and we want to make this service simple to integrate with your budgets and not be an ongoing worry for you. For international customers and those with low storage volumes, annual rather than monthly billing will make much more sense and save you money on transaction fees.

One-off charges

If you are sending us less than 100GB of data, we add a one-off handling fee of £5 to cover postal administration and setup, charged in your first invoice. For data volumes of 100GB or more, this service is free.

You pay the postage to get your data storage media to our UK PO Box, and include a stamped addressed envelope or alternative paid postage, so that we can return the media to you without keeping a record of your address. This means you can choose exactly what kind of shipping speed and insurance you prefer for your data.

Data recovery via next-day delivery is free within the UK for any volume of data. For international addresses, this service will be charged at cost to you, allowing you to choose your preferred courier service, level of insurance and speed of shipping. The storage media for data recovery is free regardless of your location.

Need a different billing frequency, or want to enquire about high volume discounts? Get in touch!

Estimated pricing calculator

~ 5 GB estimated storage

~ £1 /year

plus £5 setup charge

some lots

Ready to get started?

Great! Check out the terms and conditions, then send us an email with your name and primary email address, a passphrase for data recovery and a recovery email address, and we'll get things started.

Any questions? Check out our FAQ, or drop us an email to ask anything else.