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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By using Arca, you’re agreeing to these Terms, which will result in a legal agreement between you and Codex Felis Ltd. Arca is a service that allows you to send a physical copy of your data to us, where it will be stored online. When you require access to your data, we will then post a copy of that data back to you, or to your appointee.

By sending us (Arca, Codex Felis Ltd) your data, you state you have the right to use, send, transmit, and store that data in accordance with local and international law. Data, in this case, encompasses both the physical medium (eg memory stick, hard drive, solid state drive) and any information (eg photographs, records, Word documents, PDFs) carried thereupon.

You further declare that the data contains nothing which contravenes local or international law. You understand that Codex Felis Ltd and any services Codex Felis Ltd may use in transmitting the data will follow any legal commands by law enforcement or associated parties to access this data. Codex Felis Ltd further takes no responsibility for any contraventions of the law caused by the data you send us, nor do we take responsibility for the loss of the data in transit to or from Codex Felis Ltd or while it is being stored by any third parties Codex Felis Ltd may use as part of the agreement between you the customer and Codex Felis Ltd.

Codex Felis Ltd will take all reasonable actions to protect your data while it is stored with us. In the case of any events beyond Codex Felis Ltd’s control, the customer understands and accepts that Codex Felis Ltd bears no responsibility for disturbance or cancellation of service.


Data is kept for 60 days from invoice date before deletion. When your account becomes due, we will let you know via email. We will email you again 7 days before deletion. At any point during this period the data can be recovered by paying the arrears, at which point you have the option to either recover the data or restart the subscription.


If you wish to end your subscription, you must email us in the first instance. We will hold on to the data for a 30 day cool-down period in case of a change of circumstances, before deleting the data. We will then refund the oustanding balance on your account.


In the event the Arca service ceases, we will endeavor to give at least two months notice. In the first instance, the service will be closed to new customers. We will then contact existing customers to notify them that the service is ending within a reasonable timeframe. Customers will then have two options: either to receive their data, or to have their data deleted. In the event that time is remaining on the customer’s plan, we will offer a pro rata refund for any loss of service.